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OneB Consulting

OneB Consulting is owned and operated by pension actuaries who have over 20 years of experience in pension administration and retirement consulting. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to assist you with any of your ongoing pension administration needs and can provide calculation testing support for system changes and new implementations.

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Pension Administration Consulting

We can support any of your pension administration activities, including performing and/or reviewing benefit calculations and completing annual regulatory activities. In addition, we can review and transform your current business processes to enhance quality and gain efficiencies as well as audit your calculations to ensure accuracy.

Pension Calculation Testing Support

Are you implementing changes in your existing pension administration application? Or implementing a new system altogether? We can support your testing effort by creating comprehensive plan-specific test plans and preparing independent expected results that will ensure system-generated results are accurate. 

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About Us

Katherine Brazel, FCIA, FSA

Daniela Prieto, FCIA, FSA

We started our careers working for a large HR consulting company. Initially, we worked as retirement consultants, where we provided actuarial services for sponsors of pension plans. As our careers progressed, we shifted our focus from actuarial consulting to pension administration consulting. We led a pension administration practice that delivered pension administration services to defined benefit pension plans of various sizes. We were also integral in the implementation of pension administration services for our clients.

More recently, we have worked with a pension software company providing expertise related to technical pension knowledge, administration processes and independent verification of pension calculations.


Our experience includes:

  • Processing and verification of pension calculations (termination, retirement, death, marriage breakdown, etc.) to ensure accuracy in relation to plan rules and within legislative rules

  • Processing and verification of annual pension administration activities (Pension Adjustments, Annual Statements, Year-end data review and reconciliation, etc.)

  • Development and implementation of administration tools and processes which targeted quality and efficiency

  • Independent verification of calculations resulting from changing or implementing a new pension administration system; including creation of comprehensive plan-specific test plans and expected results

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Contact Us

Toronto, Ontario

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